Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Share our journey!

Hi everyone! We know it’s been a long time since we’ve written, and we’d love to know how you all are doing, as well. We’re so thankful for all that God has been doing in our lives and are excited to share everything with you and get your prayers as well!

As you know, we returned to Paraguay last August after our commitment ceremony with our church here in Buenos Aires, so that Esther could finish up her thesis for her Psychology degree. Thanks to God, she did finish, and had her thesis defence in late December! I am really proud of her…and she’s just glad it is over!

December 31st we arrived on our bus from Asunción to Buenos Aires. That day we were met by Rev. Thomas Hanks, Presbyterian pastor and founder of Other Sheep, a Christian ministry that works with and for sexual minorities. . He lives here in downtown Buenos Aires, and has another apartment that belongs to the foundation—normally used for visiting pastors, board members or journalists, it’s been our home for the past 5 months! We know we are extremely blessed by this; and not just because it is a wonderful place to stay, but also because of being able to be close to Tom…and his amazing library! I think the man may have every bible commentary ever published!

Thanks to God, Kati was able to find a job after only a few weeks of interviews, and she is settling in well to her new position in the Account Management department at Trusted Translations. She has had lots of great conversations there about God, the bible, and the lives of her co-workers. Honestly, we didn’t expect God would use her to do so much ministry there, but now we remember that God can use us anywhere!

Esther started taking Greek and Hebrew language courses as part of the first-year curriculum for a Master’s in Sacred Scriptures. Her seminary is the “Evangelical Institute of Superior Theological Studies” ( and is one of the most-respected Protestant seminaries in Latin America. She is on track to become a pastor someday! God is good!

And she’s getting a chance to practice right now…we attend a gay Christian group here in Buenos Aires ( that is actually in the process of becoming a member church of MCC (, a church begun by a gay pastor in California in the 1960´s. Esther has been elected by the whole congregation to be a part of the Planting Team! I love knowing that people see her joy, friendship, and wisdom as blessings, and am proud to stand by her side. And make as few suggestions as possible from the sidelines!

We’ve also both been blessed by being able to see our families, though we are far away. Esther recently took a trip back to Paraguay to gather some documents for her seminary, and got to see lots of loved ones. This week, Kati is taking a quick trip up to the States in order to see her family, go to a friend’s wedding, and bring her cat back! We know these trips have been gifts, and give thanks that God knows how difficult it is to be a “foreigner,” and give us a taste of home every once in a while. We are still praying lots about where we will be long-term…please join us!

Prayer Requests:

· For us to being earning enough to get our own apartment. Tom has been so kind to us, but we know God will want to use him to bless others soon!

· For Esther’s studies, that she may learn all God has for her and be blessed to come closer to Him that way!

· For long-term plans…will we stay here? Go to another country? Which one? We are not hurried to make these decisions, but don’t see any harm in starting the prayers a good way out!

· For our new baby church, that it may be knit together the way God desires!

· _________________________________ (what can we pray for for you??)

Much love and peace from our wonderful Jesus!!

Esther and Kati

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